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MYOHOJI 2006 - 2007 Photos by Tsuneo Ichimura, September 2007

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Construction notes:

The design and construction of the Nipponzan Myohoji Temple dates back to 1986 when the first Peace Pagoda in America was completed in Leverett, Massachusetts. The original temple was built using recycled timber trusses which were used to build the pagoda. The new temple is designed and constructed in the most sustainable way possible. Heating system for instance combines passive solar panel absorbers located southern face of the building. While the construction is mostly managed and conducted by the volunteers, all building materials and expenses depend on donations.  After almost twenty years, there are still a large number of  design and construction items left to be done. If you are interested in getting involved with building the temple of peace, let us hear from you, contact New England Peace Pagoda at (413) 367-2202 or email:

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